The more I see my children with other kids of different ages, the more I understand how important it is for their own growth and development. Many Montesorri classrooms are set-up (or are suppose to be set-up) with children of different ages. This reflects the family with more than one child, minus the parents. I watch as Ruth puts Gracie to sleep, feeds her a bottle and even plays with her. She is learning to care for others. To put someone elses needs before her own. I watch as Canaan learns how to make a lever from an older child in Mrs. Courtney's school, later returning home to replicate it and learn more about the laws of physics. Is the answer to send our kids to Montessori classrooms? I don't believe (although I am certainly not against it). I believe it is to nurture relationships with siblings and friends of all ages. To give them roles to fulfill and realize their purpose within the family/community.

Their is an attack on large families today. They are looked at as "crazy" for having several children. But if trained properly, won't these children benefit from having more siblings? America is such an isolated, lonely country. Children are viewed as a burden. So many times I hear Mothers say "I can't wait until summer is over and my kids are back in school." No wonder people don't want to have lots of kids, and they view large families as insane! Because they have let their kids drive them insane. Those of you who know me know that I will not be the "Octo-mom". But I do want to support what God tells you to do as far as the number of children you have. When persecution arises when you tell people your beliefs on children, remember your children's blessings they will receive from their siblings and that "...the Lord God will help Me; Therefore I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed." Isaiah 50:7 We are living for eternity; not the masses.


Anonymous said…
Well i have been thinking of writing a blog about the same subject. So i guess i will respond by blogging about this. I loved your blog.
Dani said…
I agree with you. I love seeing my children learn to interact with each other and others.

And it is crazy what people think of children. Some of my family and coworkers think I'm nuts for expecting number 3.
melglid said…
Have as many children as you and your husband desire. It is the business of nobody else.
I too, have home schooled. My oldest daughter is finishing culinary college this Summer. My sixteen year old is in a Catholic prep school. She wishes to return home for her last two years of high school. As a Junior she will be studying pre-calc.,French IV, Japanese I, Physics, Honors or AP English, Economics,and U.S. Government. She will also play tennis, perform in theater, volunteer, tutor, and socialize with her friends.
When she was younger we did use the Calvert Curriculum. It was rigorous, and structured. I believe it added to the foundation she had a great deal. It is heavy on reading and grammar. One thing I do recommend , look at the whole curriculum. Not just the year or two ahead. It is easy to have gaps in math, geography ( the states and capitols ), history.

Try and figure out what you and your husband value in an education. For me, it was a strong love of reading and writing. Critical thinking/reasoning and the thirst for knowledge. Learning how to think, not what to think. Proficiency in math and science as well as at least one foreign language. I knew I wanted my girls exposed to art and music. . Church( handbells and choir ) and home-school co-operatives ( many class choices ) were a great way to do that. Private classes and Recreation Centers were also alternatives. . College was and is a goal and knowing the requirements years ahead is most beneficial.
We have experienced public, private, and home schooling. Public taught us what we didn't want, private taught us what we did want. Both taught us to learn how to read, interpret, and use standardized testing. Public schools give you just enough information on the tests to keep you in the dark. I did a lot of research during those years.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each child can be so beneficial in how to educate to their specific needs. Home schooling has been the best experience for us. I hope it will be for you as well. Any time you need questions answered, feel free to write! Enjoy your kiddo's.


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