Thursday, September 25, 2014




   Lately I have taken a lot of pics of my cats.Its fun, so I will grab a camera and start taking pics.I will take photos of everything, but I usually do ones of Mom in the garden,chickens,flowers and sheep.Again,I love it:)



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trying our hands at turkeys this summer/fall season.  We bought 3.  Names are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Back-up.  Hopefully they'll taste good, and hopefully they'll live to make it to the table.  They are very different from the chickens and are growing on me.

Pictures courtesy of Ruth


The kids went to VBS at Family Life this year.  The theme was Star Wars.  They had a lot of fun and it was all free.  Grace is the only one who will sing and do the dance moves to their theme song...very cute.  I painted my bathroom while they were gone.  They also went one afternoon to our church's one day VBS.

Baby Charlie

Charlie and Elyssa went to Mexico at the end of June, so my parents kept baby Charlie for a week.  He's a very good, cute and laid back baby.  He was very asthmatic but still was an angel. I kept him one day and really enjoyed him.  We took him back to Houston July 4th and went to a wedding for Ella.  We went to the dinosaur museum and butterfly garden; ate amazing fish tacos; and sat in the rain on I-10 watching fireworks over downtown at 10:30 pm.  Short, fun trip!

Ruth's Downfall

Ruth broke her pinkie on a slip n' slide at Evie's party in July.  She had to wear a cast for a few weeks.  It healed fine.  Well, actually it was still broken when he took the cast off, so we buddy taped it and let it heal on its own.

Basketball Camp

After Mexico, the kids attended basketball camp at WCA.  Nate stayed with us a few days and went also.  They had fun.  A great camp for the price.  $30 for camp, shirt, ball and Cane's meal!


A big trip for the Gary's!  Riviera Maya, Mexico June 20214.  We rode 3 planes to get there stopping in New Orleans, Atlanta, Mexico City and Cancun.  Then we rented a van and drove 60 miles south to the Hard Rock resort.  It was a very nice resort.  We ate like kings for each meal.  Some side trips we went on were:  Mayan ruins at Tulum, snorkeling at Akumal, shopping in Playa del Carmen, cave snorkeling at Dos Ojos cenote.  Plus swimming everyday and snorkeling at our resort.
Our favorites:
Mom- drinking Pina Coladas on the beach; Akumal; not having to cook; coral reefs; view from plane
Dad- not having to answer work calls, snorkeling
Peyton- Sea turtles; the food; Takis; volleyball
Ruth- Monkey in Playa del Carmen; snorkeling at the caves
Canaan- "the servants waiting on us; monkey on my head; spending time with family"
Grace-"going to Hard Rock; magic guy in New Orleans; the last airplane ride when they had the tablets on the chairs; the caves"