Monday, September 16, 2013

Ruth's 9th Bday

Ruth wanted a cajun party this year with specifics on the dress.  Jeans, cowgirl boots and hat.  We played lots of fun games, such as pin the tail on the donkey and some cotton ball game Chap led.  Ruth got cowgirl shirts and boots, lots of books and money for her bday.

Canaan's 9th Bday

Canaan had specifics for his b'day, of course.  For starters, he chose mango cake with peaches.  He had friends spend the night and they went crabbing the next a.m. with Papa and Ruth.  We boiled crabs that night and they were awesome.  Canaan got legos, a terrarium (which he returned and got legos) and money.

Canning Season

The beginning of summer entailed lots of harvesting and canning.  Jamie came over one day and we made salsa.  I made another batch later on and also canned peppers (not as good as Aunt Tobey's).  We made tons of pesto (still have more to make).  I was exhausted from food preservation and gardening, not to mention grossed out from stink bugs.  We pulled our tomatoes in July and our garden's been dormant over a month.  Waiting for more sugar soil and cooler weather.

Ruth's Performance

Ruth performed the mulberry dance in Anne in Rhyme Land.  She did very good.  I was so proud of her.  I didn't really get to watch her dance this year because she had ballet on Wed nights before church.  She really enjoyed dancing with Adeline again.

Grace's First Performance

Grace had her first recital.  She was the lamb in Little Bo Peep.  She was so cute!  She caught my eye in the audience and waved during her dance with a huge grin.  One of her favorite friends this year was Charlotte a.k.a. "Thalotte" (pic above).  One day she said "Mom, I want my hair to be like Thalotte's.  Mom, I just want to be Thalotte."  So cute.  I really liked her class and the moms this year.  I miss the Milton location and my library.

Blue Bayou

Summer began with a rare trip to Blue Bayou water park.  We went with the Hubers and Marty, Kennedy and Yada.  It was so much fun!  Everyone had a blast floating in the lazy river and in the wave pool.  Grace went from being scared of slides to sliding down all of them.  We ended the day with a trip to Joe's Crab Shack.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pesto Time


Pesto time again!  We had 2 Aillet kids helping us a little today (Mom in NY).  For the amount of time and effort it took to make it, Chap highly recommended we raise the price from $5.  We'll see...I put 10 cubes in a bag which is a little less that last year so maybe that makes it worth it.
Our summer's in full swing.  I feel like everyday is either Friday or Saturday.  Nice.  We've been swimming a couple of times per week.  The girls have their recital next week.  Canaan attended golf/tennis camp last week at Oakbourne with Ryan.  He really liked that.  Peyton has been working and had driver's ed and band camp last week.  He'll have 2 more weeks of camp in July.  We don't have vacation plans.  I'm sure we'll end up at Toledo Bend.   Chap and I have talked about trying to go somewhere just the two of us in August.  Like somewhere far!!!!                  
We're pretty much done with school.  The twins finished Beta Math a month ago and now they're learning multiplication.  We're almost done with our Writing curriculum (1 month left).  I have Ruth completing a reading comp guide for the book The Courage of Sarah Noble.  We really  need to focus on spelling and writing.  Paige plans to have a little writing workshop in July, so we'll attend that.  We will continue to do a little school the mornings we're home this summer.  We are too far behind to take off completely!