Grateful Gary's

I'm so excited for this season!  December is going to ROCK.  I can't believe it's already here.  (Why does every year seem to spin faster and faster?)  Here's what's happening on the Gary homestead right now and what I'm exceptionally grateful for:

1.  My chunk munka writing her Christmas list.  She's the only child to do so, and boy does she have a list!!!  Barbies, sleeping bag, Calico Critters, Legos and the list goes on.  I love that our "baby" still asks for toys.  Ruth wants clothes, make-up and jewelry; and Canaan wants money and glass blowing tools.  Peyton already received his gift as his car was literally falling apart.  

2.  Sweet Christmas traditions.  My Mom would give each of us kids an ornament every year.  Check this picture out!  It's an Avon ornament that smells.  It still smells to this day!  Every season the scent brings back nostalgia of sitting around the lit up Christmas tree with my siblings.  When I moved out on my own, my Mother gave me a shoe box full of ornaments from every year of my life.  I still have every single one of them, and have started this tradition with my own kids. I try to get them ornaments that relate to what's going on in their life that year.  We've been crabbing this year, so Canaan received a crab.  Grace is really into owls, thus she got an owl .  We got Peyton a globe as he's joining the Air Force and will be travelling.  I actually just finished a handmade felt cottage for Canaan that I began 2 years ago.  

3.  Proud that we got the stockings up this year!  Last year it never happened.  I long for the day we have a fireplace to hang these from, but for now my curtain rod will do.  Plus, it gives me a reason to dust it once a year!

4.  Ruth being baptized by her Dad.  We really bounced back and forth about letting this happen at the age of 11.  My assumption was that she wanted to get into that baptismal pool.  We wanted it to be a genuine acknowledgment of her dedication to Jesus, and we really wonder how many 11 year olds understand salvation.  Whatever the case, we let her do it.  If she decides to rededicate her life to Christ when she's older, then great.  Regardless, it was tear jerking to witness Chap baptizing her.

5.  Getting ready for our 3rd Make & Take party this year.  This one will be an Open House this Saturday with the boys demonstrating glass blowing and selling their stuff also.  In the kitchen we'll be making chapstick, room spray and diffuser ornaments.  (I chose the Louisiana ornament since we had the movie shooting here this year.)  Seems like we'll have a good crowd.  These are always really fun gatherings.  Can't wait!


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