The Easiest Holiday Craft

I am no Martha Stewart.  I know most can relate.  My crafty consists of "What do we already have in the house that we can use?" and "Which craft takes the least amount of effort and supplies?" Here's a craft that answers those 2 questions easily.  

I actually really like crafting with my kids.  I'll be honest though, I'm just lazy.  But this past time creates sweet memories, so I'm trying to relish it with my 7 year old baby.  The twins, at the age of 11, aren't as into it.  When my nieces and nephews come over, I try to appear as the cool aunt, so I whip out the glue and glitter (outside of course).  They came over this day.  My sister has weekly doctor appointments for the pregnancy of her seventh.  The weather was gorgeous, so I kicked them outside.  Then I scrolled through Pinterest and found an easy craft.  Being lazy, I made it even easier.

Grab whatever you have in the house.  Here's what I had:
  • Red paper plates left over from a party. Yes, they asked for green because trees are green; but whatever, deal with red.  We are happy. The weather's great. Move forward here. 
  • Glue, glitter, sequins, stickers, brown construction paper for trunk
  • stapler 


  1. Cut the plate in half.  With one of those halves, cut it into quarters.  With the other half, cut a smaller triangle.
  2. Staple the tree triangles together. (Or glue them.  Stapling is easier for me and since I'm lazy that works out wonderfully.)
  3. Glue on sequins, place stickers and add some glitter! 
  4. Voila!  A cute craft the kids will be proud of!  It might not be Pinterest worth, but hey, it's about the process rather than the product, right?
Happy Holidays!  Get your craft on...however elaborate that may be!


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