well, we will see if this blog transpires into something. with diapers to change, faces to wash, dishes to is a wonder that i have time to sit in front of a computer at all! But i originally had the idea to form an archive of the childrens' homeschooling adventures (in the beginning stages) and a place for Papa (who works out of state) to read what the grandchildren are up to and see their cute little faces.

Currently, the twins are in a very laid back learning environment. My basic goal right now is to make "school" fun so that when we really have to do "school" in the future, they'll be excited about learning. So we teach them in the every day situations we live out, such as baking muffins, counting out silverware for dinner, recognizing letters in signs or books, ect. If they aren't interested in it, on to something else. They attend "school" on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Ms. Courtney's, mainly for socialization and for a much needed break for Mom. We are also following a curriculum called Five in a Row where we read one book 5 days in a week and pull different subjects from it, such as math, science, art , bible character, ect. We honestly don't read it 5 days in a week right now. With them gone twice a week and other outings, we end up reading a few days a week. I am learning to not be so rigid and feel that I have to do so much.

We are having fun learning and playing outside. Plus a new baby sister and new puppy distract us quite often!


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