Katy and the Big Snow

What a fantastic week! It began with Canaan requesting to check out every Virginia L. Burton book that we could possibly get our hands on. Luckily, Katy and the Big Snow was in our FIAR curriculum. They learned about direction (north, south, east and west). I made a treasure map and had them find the "mystery" book of the week by using a compass. Their curiosity and my enthusiasm set the tone for the week (2 important components for learning). They also learned about diligence (something needed for morning chores, huh?), map making, counting by 5's and the difference b/t a penny and nickle. Not to mention they traced some fantastic "e" 's. (We were very proud of them) Ironically, they even randomly received a nickle from a nursing home resident when visiting Chap's grandmother. Mix all of that with lots of Valentine card and muffin making and parties...what a week!


Anonymous said…
We have that book. The kids love it too. i am glad ya'll had a good week. i am starting to research currculim for kindergarden. i am starting in June. Danille is doing "the Father's word" so i am going to look that up and Beka.

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