Owl Moon

Our book for FIAR this week is Owl Moon. I think we began it almost a week ago on our trip to Toledo Bend. It is a great book to teach about tracking animals, bird calling, being patient and self-controlled. The children enjoyed hiking, building fires, fishing and boat riding on our trip. We were outdoors the majority of our stay. Canaan was in charge of keeping the fire going. He took great pride in this, as you can imagine. It was nice to be out in the woods as compared to a fenced-in square over here. Oakie and Gracie agree.

The twins are learning more Spanish, their letter sounds and writing, and reciting their scripture verse of the week. Today they painted pictures of special times with Dad. Currently they are into foot racing. (it's how I got Canaan to take a nap today..."You have to take a nap when you race like that to rest your joints Canaan." "Really Mom?") It worked.

I am feeling Spring fever come on and Gracie is at my feet begging to go outside. I feel we should take off a month or so of formal learning to play outside and enjoy the cool air before summer comes. I'm sure I'll have the "pool" excuse in June. Always something.


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