So Much to Choose From

I am not quite sure whether my indecisiveness is a blessing or a character flaw. Which ever the case, it sure does consume my time...whether it be searching for the "right" college to attend, fishing for the "right" religion, or researching almost every man- made homeschool curriculum (there are sooo many). If I could add the time spent on these three alone! Discussing the latter...I found a wonderful curriculum that I think might be the one for the twins for Kindergarten.

What appeals to me about this curriculum is the well-roundness it offers, as well as the use of living books that I can purchase from the library (and the structured daily schedule which I desperately need). Yes, it is Charlotte Mason style...which I was not quite sure about...but there is a certain beauty that attracts me to this way of learning. There were so many hours that I spent in a classroom bored to tears, learning about such irrelevant things. I want my children to have a passion for learning...for learning the things that interest them. Of course we will see what is at the CHEF homeschool convention this Spring...I'm sure I'll find even more jewels! More decisions!

(on a side note: My college of choice was LSUMC. My religion, not only of choice but by His amazing grace and love and revelation is Jesus. I cannot even call it religion. Which by the way...the Lord led me to this scripture and told me to write it down. Isaiah 53:11)


Katy said…
i kind of like it, but it seems expensive. I need to talk more about with you. i know it is so hard to decide. it be nice to do the same thing.
Dani said…
Hi, this is Dainelle. I found you through Katy's blog.

I just decided on a kindergarten curriculum for Xavier. I ordered it and it should be in this week. My Father's World. If you would like to take a look at it, I would not mind.

Hope you and the family are doing well.

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