Bigger Books

Alright, I am getting a little bored reading the same short book 5 days in a row. So bored that I have decreased it to maybe 3 days not in a row. Having found a small gold mine at the public library sale, we have shifted our homeschooling a bit. The twins' attention spans are lengthening allowing us to move on to longer books with less pictures. I found a wonderful copy of Moby Dick (yes, of course, a child's version) and they loved it! Canaan was outside with rope and make-shift buoys from his tree house imagining he was saving men overboard. We are now reading a shorter version of Swiss Family Robinson. In addition to read-alouds I found some wonderful books on poetry with great illustrations. We are reading some from Emily Dickinson. Of course, we are continuing to identify letters and their sounds through games, flash cards, reading, etc.
I am discovering another side of Ruth. When playing ABC Bingo she began to cry in hysterics when she discovered Canaan was beating her. I found it somewhat amusing to see this competitive nature in her...luckily they tied!


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