Mama reads

It seems like it has been ages since I have read. I picked up a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank while at the public library book sale this week. I cannot believe that I never read this, even after touring the secret annex in Amsterdam years ago. What a captivating book! The quality of her writing at the age of 13 is extraordinary. The product of good schooling and lots of reading. Lots of reading of good literature I might add. I have read many books but the majority pales in comparison to the books she mentions. Her vocabulary is enormous and her character formation is more than engaging. My first thoughts were that my poor children will not receive the schooling she did and thus end up "dumb and lacking"; however, by the second evening of reading her book I have come to the conclusion that the answer is to read, read, read and read GOOD books at that. Besides being impressed by her writing, I am moved by the events that took place to the Jewish community. Having read and viewed works related to the Holocaust, this one is much lighter and digestible for me.
(Oh, my baby is up again for the umpteenth time! Go to sleep!)


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