Mrs. Katz and Tush

This week (or maybe 2 weeks) we have read Mrs. Katz and Tush. I rented the Reading Rainbow video with it, so they heard it more narrated from TV than me. This story is about a Jewish woman in the USA who is befriended by a young neighbor. She is a window and the boy "adopts" her as his Bubbee (grandmother in Yiddish). After the story on the video, the narrator visits an older Jewish woman and makes hallah bread with her and matzah that's why we're still on this story; it's taken me a long time to make the hallah with the kids. But they faithfully ask everday "Can we make hallah today?" So we finally made hallah! and here it is (boy, does it smell good). When braiding the bread, I explained the significance of the 3 pieces and the meaning of the trinity.


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