Three Names

Our book this week was Three Names. The children learned what a prairie is. They have been listening to Little House on the Prairie on CD. There was an illustration of a party with paper chains for decoration, so we made tons of paper chains for Gracie's party...that kept them quite busy! The story was about a dog with 3 names. Ironically, our own dog had his dog training graduation Saturday and we ended the weekend by bringing him to the dog park where he was in HEAVEN!
The twins are tracing letters and Ruth is trying to spell words, i.e. cuap. "What does this spell Mom?" I try to navigate her to copy words I write, but she loses interest easily and is off to something else! She will be interesting to lasso to the table when she is older and actually required to sit and write. One of my books, The Three R's, actually states to tell the children (when they're of age), "Yes, you have to write every day." Didn't we?!


Anonymous said…
Sounds like your getting going with school. i find i has i start doing it it is nit so hard. I do thatwith nate i teell him to just write and he will write random letters. i think it is a great way even if it is not the right spelling.

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