The Three R's

The Three R's by Ruth Beechick is my latest buy for learning how to teach reading, writing and math. This book is so simple that I am not sure I can even give it a review. I was able to read it in a couple of sittings; which is wonderful being as busy as I am. What else did I like about this book?
Her approach to teaching children to read "later" rather than "earlier". Her view of pre-reading instruction including cooking, cleaning, good eating habits, nutrition, ect. Simple and cheap activities. "Real life" methods rather than "school" methods. Whole-to-part lessons. I recommend this book if you're confident to teach more or less without a curriculum.
(i think i've been interrupted at least 6 times while writing this! and i knocked over my glass of wine. and yes, I am aggravated.)


Katy said…
and that glass iof wine would have made up for those six interuptutions.
I would love to read that book. i thought that about Sophia, I ask her what color is this and she still says the wrong color. i remember Nate at around two knowing (whenever he started talking) his colors, being able to count to ten and stuff but the way i see it we all have different callings and gifts. we all have different in how quick or slow we learn. So i come to the conclusion that if she is slower i am going to let her learn what she can at the pace she can but more focus on training her to be a little momma.

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