Everything's Growin'

I wish my neighborhood had a "Yard of the Month" contest because my husband would surely win.  This was our yard a few weeks ago.  Fresh cut grass helps make all the difference.  While flowers and trees are a bloomin' that's not all that is growing in this house.  All of Canaan's pants are suddenly at his shins and Ruth's dresses are much too short.  They  stand next to each other and try to compare who is tallest (Ruth still is).  Besides physical growth I am noticing that Canaan is "catching up" in the cognitive department.  He is suddenly recognizing his letters and the sounds that go with them, as well as numbers.  He is beginning to copy words.  We are all excitingly proud of the growth, but somewhere in my heart there's a tinge of sadness that they are growing up so fast.  Lately I hear Chap tell Ruth "Not much longer before you won't fit on my lap."  How did they go from little babies to almost 5 year olds?!


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