More Scenery Please

We have decided to keep our children home with us beginning this fall and for that reason I came up with an idea. They are exposed to rope swings, hikes in the woods and other various outdoor experiences at Ms. Courtney's twice a week...which is one of the best things I like about them being there. Not to lose their nature connection all together I proposed to Chap to take out the machete and tractor and clear some trails on the property in Henderson and bush hog the land. (He also proposed that I do the bush hogging, which I will attempt.) Canaan can fish in the pond and they can build forts in the remainder 7 acres of woods. I think I am inadvertently trying to get us out there sooner than we anticipated. But with Canaan constantly talking about Henderson and Toledo Bend, I figure we need to start somewhere. Henderson is alot closer than the camp in Texas and I want them to begin to connect with more than what we have in our grass plot here. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for the park across the street and we do go there often but you can't really camp and build tree houses there.
So this is the ideal, but we have to some how manage it before the heat and mosquitoes! Yes, we are running out of time. The snakes will be out too!


Dani said…
that sounds like such great fun for them! I am just praying for the day we can have a large yard or nice piece of land.

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