Currently we are not doing anything "formally" for homeschooling.  Since they are at Ms. Courtney's school I don't feel they really need anything else...they're so young.  We have given FIAR a rest.  It will be ressurected in 1st or 2nd grade as it focuses highly on Language Arts and Art Study which is somewhat over the twins' heads.  (Anyone who would like to look/borrow it is welcome. We have all of the volumes.)
Stuart Little by E.B. White is their Read-aloud book right now.  They love it as long as I condense some of the sentences.  Canaan constantly asks "What does that word mean?" as Mr. White uses a plethora of vocabulary.  We review our letters, spanish words and numbers.  We are also reading our Bible Stories from Rod n' Staff which comes with coloring pages.  They love memorizing their scripture verses and standing in front of the family to recite them.  (Shouldn't we parents memorize some longer ones and recite them as well?)  Other than that they have been swimming, playing in sprinklers, swinging and going to work with Dad (Canaan more than Ruth).  We plan to continue fun, wet stuff throughout the summer with a trip to the library for Story Time once/week.  Isn't that what summers are for?  
I have received our new curriculum for the Fall and am still reading through it. So far I am very excited about the activities listed.  They are going to have so much fun!  We will have cousins (and friends) over once/week and will save our fun music/movement time to do with them.  I have alot to do to prepare for next fall and am very excited to gather little Kindergarten supplies here and there.  What a cute, fun age!


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