Humpback Whale Mom's Devotional

So you are asking what does the Humpback whale have to do with a Mother's devotional?  Alot.  The other morning Ruth began discussing the definition of poor...those that don't have alot of stuff.  I explained to her that we are very blessed and went on to teach them that Jesus stated that those with alot should give to those with less, with 4 year old examples to paint a picture that they could relate know, if Canaan has alot of candy and Ruth doesn't have any, it'd be nice for you to share with her, ect.  
That evening we went to see the movie Earth (which I highly recommend).  At one point they showed a mama humpback whale pushing her newborn baby to the surface of the water so it could receive air.  She did this over and over and over again.  I was growing tired just watching her.  As the picture rolled the narrator explained that the baby drinks 150 gallons of milk per day and that the mother is actually starving because they are in a part of the ocean with no food. While watching and hearing all of this I began thinking....God, I feel this exact same way...but my moment of wallowing was interrupted as Ruth whispered to me, "Mom, that mama is poor and that baby is rich!"  I nearly melted in my chair as I held her to me saying, "Yes, you're right."
The movie goes on to later show the mother and baby whale travelling over 4,000 miles to the South pole.  At one point they are in treacherous seas and the mother has to repeatedly flap her flipper on the ocean's surface so the baby can hear her and stay on course.  They finally make it to their destination and eat tons of shrimp!  I wanted to stand up and applaud in the theatre.
The humpback whale is a great example of a persevering and sacrificing mother with her child's needs foremost in mind.   We too become tired and hungry for more than food and sleep and desire to give up at times, but with compassion, diligence and perseverance we will make it to our destination with our children still near us.   I find solace that while I am sacrificing my needs and wants for my children, I have a God that has done the same for me and provides me with the strength and grace for this journey.   I wanted to tell Ruth that the mother was rich too, but i think i'll leave that for later.
Happy early Mother's Day to all! 


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