Plumbers and Eschatology

The twins' are really enjoying our Bible Stories book from Rod and Staff.  The scripture verses are easy to memorize and they love hole punching their coloring pages in their "bible binder". What did learning consist of this week?  Canaan working at the job site and making his own fountain, a one on one visit from the plumber and the windshield repair man, playing lots of board games and swimming!!!!  I must applaud the plumber and windshield repair man though.  They were so kind and patient with the kids.  The plumber told them step by step what he was doing and even quizzed them at the end!  It was so cute to listen to them talking to him in the bathroom.  Some how they got on the subject of smoking.  "Smoking is bad for you.  And so is drinking coke.  So and so smokes..."  Being that I didn't know the guy at all, I was hoping they wouldn't say anything too offensive but "out of the mouth of babes"...  I overheard the plumber tell them "You should pray for so and so who smokes.  Do you pray?"  "Oh, yes sir, all da time."  

I was also pounded hard from the twins with some heavy theological questions.  Is the devil locked up?  Jesus is actually coming back to earth again??!!!  Why will Jesus win over the devil? and on and on and on...quite inquisitive they are.  


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