Sweltering Summer

I think I stretched everyone yesterday by having a birthday party OUTSIDE with no water activities. I encouraged everyone that they would lose at least 5 lbs. by the time they left the party (through sweating of course).

Hard to believe my babies will be 5 years old!!!! I think 5 is a special number...a milestone perhaps. Tieing shoes, kindergarten, riding bikes without training wheels, swimming independently, and the list goes on.

We are sweating our way through summer with only a few weeks until we start schooling. I figure since we are inside anyway, why not school now and take off when the weather is cooler? Seems reasonable to me, but as the time for school approaches I find myself reluctant to begin. I quite enjoy lazing around, swimming, reading...the only structure being our morning routine. I think I need to stretch my own mind to create a very relaxed homeschool environment.


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