Time Flies

One thing I am glad that I understand: that when I open my eyes my children will be gone...that I will spend more time without children under my feet than with them...that all worldly treasures do not amount to the treasure before my eyes and the treasure that awaits me for all of eternity. With that in mind I can enjoy every present moment with my children at my feet, walking into the library hand in hand, eating Happy Meals together (Canaan asks "Mom, if you don't have all of this stuff in it is it a Sad Meal?"), reading the same book over and over together, swimming together, coloring, and the list goes on and on... While I have my share of breakdowns of feeling overwhelmed and tired I redirect my mind back to what I know is true. And the truth makes me happy to be at home with my little ones, teaching them, comforting them, hugging them and the list goes on and on. My time on earth is short and my time with my children in my home is even shorter.


Anonymous said…
i love the picture

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