Family Work

I have to brag on my kids. Yesterday afternoon Chap called and told us to put on our "painting" clothes. He was bringing home a trailer that he recently had welded and sand blasted (is that the term?) and stated it would need an immediate coat of primer as it was already rusting from the drive home. So we backed it under our carport with the sound of thunder all around us. Canaan painted for 3 hours (like really painted) while Ruth babysat Gracie inside. When I walked in to put Grace down for bed, Ruth had just finished making Grace a bottle of milk all by herself (something she had never done before). I was glad she poured the full gallon over the sink because yes, she did spill. I laughed when I saw her sporting the cordless phone on her pocket like I do during the day. I asked if she was trying to be like me and she said "yes". It was so cute and they both were soooo proud of themselves for helping their parents in BIG ways. It is amazing how children love challenges and increased responsibility that we sometimes cringe at the thought of giving.


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