What does a typical Monday look like over here? Well for starters, every week is very different but I have tried to create somewhat of a routine. I think of Monday as laundry day. Some where I read that Creole's would designate Monday as laundry day and cook red beans n' rice all day. I don't cook beans on Monday but we do get a good chunk of laundry done. However, if I soley did laundry on only Monday we'd have no clothes to wear, so I wash almost every day.
For school we are falling into a Monday routine of bible reading (Living Books Curriculum uses The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos which we like so far. It goes by chapters, not verses though.), science, introduction to our weekly poem or finger rhyme, math workbook and Rod n' Staff workbook. We add things, such as phonics games, calendar, number review games, etc.
So what did we do today in school? We are studying the 5 senses so today in science we played a "smelling" & "tasting" game. We learned how to write a 7. "Across the sky and down from heaven, this is how to make a seven." They learned a long poem for memorization and completed their workbooks. A simple, good day. We ended the day by a long walk with the entire family.


Anonymous said…
everyday is laundry day for me, i do about three loads a day

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