Montessori Activities

Along with our Living Books curriculum, I try to incorporate some Montessori activities. Today I set up 2 stations, one with the Montessori Phonetic Object Box and the other with a counting task. The phonics task includes small objects with written labels. We made up a game with it and they did well. The counting task was a simple one of writing the number in the egg carton and counting the correct number of beans for each slot.

I am currently reading Montessori-Read-Write which is a fabulous book. I really like that I can make everything and not have to buy. Another Montessori item that we love are the Red Letter & Blue Number Set. We have used these books to trace the correct way to write letters & numbers.

Today was a great a.m. in "school". We didn't get around to science b/c they were so abdominant on writing the number "8". Have you ever realized how hard it is for a young one to write the # 8 correctly? We chant "Make an S but do not wait, come back up to make an 8!" It is interesting to note that the twins don't shy away from challenges but continue to tackle them head on until they master them. I like that trait in them.


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