New Curriculum

We are enjoying our new curriculum. Here's what we're doing now...We begin with reviewing the date, weather, & finger rhymes. We read the bible and a read-a-loud twice/ week, math workbook twice/week, and everything else is once/ week, such as art, science, math activity, geography, art appreciation, nature study, music & movement. We have another workbook we do every day which includes mainly writing and cutting/pasting.
Class began with their lead today...Twister and Battleship. In science they're studying the 5 we played fun games with "hearing". Their excitement today was actually learning how to write a "4"!!! "Down and across and down some more. This is how to make a four!" Then on to making cookies! (I was hungry)
This week's finger rhyme
We place our hands in our lap.
Our feet together so.
We sit as straight as straight can be.
For this is right, you know.


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