Today's Menu

On Today's Menu we have Fish Pie. With the weather cooling off a little, the twins have been outside alot more. Thank the Lord. I don't like everyone cooped up inside. What mother does? It's so nice to see their outdoor creativity but not so nice to taste it (they always have me try their creations).

On the home school menu today we played the ABC card game (which was in my curriculum and also in Montessori Read and Write). I took a stack of index cards and wrote the capital and lower-case letter on each card and cut them in half. They had to match the baby letter with the mama letter. We also played a fun game in science having to do with the 5 senses (which we have been studying for a month & are now complete). We also began making our journals for nature study which I will show in an upcoming post. Our curriculum pushes making books which I absolutely love. I learned how to make books a long time ago in WA and used to make my own journals...after all these years I get to use my skills again!

For dessert...chocolate chip cookies! The twins made cookies for a family who just had their 9th child! We figured instead of buying baby stuff, why not give the older kids a treat? And some treats for the mama as well (lavendar soap and Mother's Milk tea).


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