Typical Tuesdays for homeschooling consist of our read-a-loud book, which is Charlotte's Web right now, review of our poem, a math game/activity from Math Play! 80 Ways to Count & Learn, nature study and Rod n' Staff workbook. I am not very fond of the math book. It's too easy for Ruth but a good level for Canaan. We make it fun, but the activities are really things that we come up on our own anyway. Our nature study book is The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock which is great! The first time we did nature study we found everything that we collected outside written in her book in detail. The only problem with our nature study is getting in the habit of doing it. For instance, my plan was to collect some stuff on our evening walk, but I totally forgot.
So what was Tuesday like today? Ruth woke up very early, so she was tired and grumpy and difficult. I gave her the option to go and relax or stay with us. "NOOOO. I want to do school." In Rod n' Staff they cut out 10 different shapes and pasted them onto cardboard to later use as stencils. We didn't get to our math counting game as we had guests over for lunch. No sweat. But we did sweat on our family walk this evening.
On a side note of unschooling...it's fun to watch the twins practice their new found skills. On many occasions I've found Ruth to be replicating a craft we had previously done (I place craft medium where they can easily reach it.) or writing her numbers to give as gifts to others. Today Canaan created a "world" in the toy room. He taped several pieces of green paper on the floor, drew stars and put them all over the walls, and even made "sod" with brown paper. A big mess but very creative.


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