No 2 weeks the Same

Just as I expected...I have to laugh as I just reread our older posts regarding our weekly schedule. And yes, our week was completely different. The chores were different. Our time off was different. And even some of our subject schedule was different. For starters, Ruth was not with us Tuesday (we're doing a trial run of her going to Ms. Courtney's one day/week and Adeline coming here on Wed.), so Canaan did his work alone. "I miss Tusie," he said.
We will try to do music and movement on Wed. when we have extra children here. This Wed. we turned up the music in the shop and played instruments and danced with streamers around the yard. For art, we made puppets with fabric and gingerbread men cut-outs glued to popsicle sticks. We used these for storytelling...very fun.
Thursday we crammed our schooling in with Gracie next to us. She did okay and was not too needy. We are ready for our day off on least I am.


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