Organ Finder

In Science this week we cut out and labeled organs. After pasting them on a large sheet of construction paper the kids wore them and pointed to the correct organ described. In Math we are learning to count to a 100, write our numbers correctly, and distinguish the difference between lengths and weights. In art, the kids learned the color wheel and experimented in blending acrylic paints. We are continuing art study, simple geography, the same read-a-louds (which they don't really like) and bible study. The kids finished their first workbook of the school season and are amazingly loving all of their workbooks right now! I am stumped on music and movement. I am not worried about Ruth as she has ballet once a week, but I wish I would have placed Canaan in a sport this fall (definitely this spring). And as for music...hopefully I will find a great music teacher that is in close proximity to us.


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