Forgive me for the lack of pictures. I find the time to write in this blog, but some how I forget to read the manual for my new camera! Today would have been a great day for pictures. We made turkey hands with feathers (I have to stick to tradition on that one), read about the First Thanksgiving, and performed a science experiment having to do with temperature. We lined up four labeled cups with cold, cool, warm, and hot water in each. Then we took a thermometer and observed the mercury rise and fall. We reviewed last weeks science topic: condensation and evaporation. We placed a cup of water in a Ziploc bag and hung it on a window. With the warmth of the sun the water beaded at the top of the bag. Today we took a piece of ice and held it to the beads of water and watched it trickle back to the bottom of the bag, thus demonstrating how cool air hits clouds and causes rain. These projects are simple enough for the mind of a 5 year old. We took them from our book Mudpies to Magnets.


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