We have been doing the bare minimum for homeschooling this week (seems like last week also). The kids aren't interested and neither is Mama. I tend to feel guilty, so I compensate by providing workbook pages. Boring! So I have opted to take off for the next couple of weeks, and hopefully we will all return recharged, motivated and enthusiastic!

Today the twins had their first "official" violin lesson by Madame Olive! Teacher as well as pupils (Mama included) were equally excited as they learned "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" (7 notes I might add). Their teacher noted that she can come weekly for lessons but "sometimes I won't come every week". Okay, we'll take what we can get. The entire lesson between all 3 of us lasted approximately 15 minutes. We can't wait for more! (This idea was contrived amongst the little people, i.e. the teacher) Thank you Madame Olive for your time and patience.


clone collector said…
that is so sweet, lauren! we were all excited to see the pictures. thanks so much for having her over, she had a great time! see you soon,
andrea said…
That is so sweet! We need a concert one day!

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