Back at It

I am pleased to say that our first day back was a tremendous success! I had to coax them that "school is fun" and "learning is so important because...". Their attitudes were good. Besides our math and writing workbooks we played a math game using playing cards, read dear old Winnie the Pooh (who can ever tire of that?), and made a moon box. What's a moon box you ask? We're studying the moon and the lunar cycle (intro of course)in science. They made a box with aluminum foil and placed a slit at the top. Every night they are to observe the moon, draw what stage it is in and place it in the box. After a complete cycle we'll have a moon party with space suits, moon pies, etc. They were soooo excited! Of course I forgot to look at the moon last night, but they didn't. After not seeing it they stated it was a new moon, but in the van this morning Ruth exclaimed "I SEE THE MOON!!!!" So it was not a new moon but a half moon.


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