Beautiful Weather

The weather has been so wonderful this week that we have not done anything inside. Canaan was outdoors early Monday morning helping the guys paint a trailer. He said "I don't want to do school; I want to work. I have to help them, so they can get it done faster." So I let them have their way on one condition, they had to remain out side all day (and they did). Tuesday they went to Mrs. Courtney's. When I left them they were checking crawfish holes in a nearby field. They had tied bacon to a string & were checking their bait.

Today we went to the nature station and hiked. We are studying soil in science this week, so we observed different types. We looked at tracks and observed and identified plants and animals. We hiked the longest trail they had, and they still wanted to hike more. I wish we lived where we had extensive trails, but we'll make do. I like hiking with Gracie on my back. Not much longer will I be able to do that!


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