Our outdoor time this week has found us donning a bat and glove. Yes, Canaan will be registering this week at Broadmoor park for T-Ball! If there is a spot available for him, this will be his first season ever. He has been wearing his cleats and playing catch with me. It has been fun teaching him the rules of the game. "Canaan, you can't run from 1st base to 3rd." "Drop the bat when you run!" "Don't cry if you're out, playing is more fun than winning." Today we walked across the street to the baseball field and played ball. He is really excited...just wait 'til he plays with more than 2 people (me and Ruth)!
What I'm excited about (besides seeing him in the cute helmet and cleats) is that he'll be learning good sportsmanship. We had to sign a Parent Code of Conduct that emphasizes us teaching him that doing his best is more important than winning, how to play by the rules and resolve conflicts with players, how to respect and encourage his team members, etc. I am also excited that he'll finally have some "sort of P.E." other than playing at the park. Ruth has dancing and I have seen how well it has improved her poise and coordination. I expect T-ball to not only help with Canaan's coordination but also his self-confidence.


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