Canaan's Interests

Right now Canaan is loving racket ball and shooting his air-soft gun. He told me he doesn't want to go to church tonight so he can play ball. He'll use a flash light when it gets dark he said. I hope his interest switches to baseball as he begins T-ball practice in 2 weeks!
Yesterday he took over my garden planting. I had it all planned out. We tilled the soil, added fertilizer, tested the pH and just when I was ready to plant my herbs and baby lettuce "my way", he took the spade and said, "No mom. You're doing it all wrong." What could I say? I had to let him do it. I hope the seedlings sprout, for his sake.
In school, he does well in math (go figure) and when asked what his favorite subject is he states "like play or something". He is currently working on writing his name correctly and somewhat legibly and he is learning to blend letters, which he does not grasp quite yet; although he will tell you that he can read.
His behavior has been good and sweet and I treasure every second that he is a little boy.


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