Living Books

I have been very pleased with Living Books Curriculum. The kids enjoy it as well. What I like most about it is the support from the founder, Sheila Carroll. She is always sending helpful resources and responding promptly to questions through email. Her curriculum is very laid out week by week. There is always room to use different library books on the subject & change things up a bit if her instruction is too vague, which it is and should be for Kindergarten. For instance, I usually look for more specific science projects online. We have followed every week of the Foundation curriculum (& are on week 26 with 9 weeks to go) with little emphasis on Nature Study, Music and Movement. I really hope to place them in music lessons and let Ballet and Baseball count as Movement (P.E.). My goal is to be more disciplined with Nature Study and I'm surprised that I am not being that I love the outdoors.
I am looking at purchasing the 1st grade Living Books Curriculum soon. (I do not buy the entire set. Just the curriculum guide and the rest from the library or Amazon.) Still in thought about it. My other option is to not purchase anything and continue with our Veritas Press Phonics program, which I LOVE, and purchase math workbooks. Maybe leaving more free time for us. We'll see...


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