Nearly every Wednesday we complete Science. Currently we are studying states of matter. The kids acted as molecules today to demonstrate solids, liquids and gases. We attempted a science experiment with a bottle, balloon and bowls of hot and cold water. Being that our bottle was small, the experiment didn't really work well. We were trying to observe air and the effects hot and cold water have on it. We made a chart with our predictions. For some reason, alot of our experiments are a flop! I guess I need to do them ahead of time to make them work. Or else get some better resources. (any suggestions?) Right now I am using the internet.

For Art we mixed 1 c. flour, 1/2 c. salt and 1/2 c. warm water. We rolled out the dough and cut heart shapes with a hole to tie string through. Baked them for 2 hrs. at 250 F. Then painted them and sprinkled glitter. Each child gave them to loved ones for Valentine's Day.

Ruth and Canaan are both beginning to read. I had no idea that Canaan could even read! I'm still not sure if he's just looking at the pictures...we'll see. Regardless, they're both ready. I need to get some good, easy first readers. (Suggestions again?) In math they are doing addition. We are studying Oceans in geography. We are also studying sculpting in art appreciation. We have a potter coming next week!


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