Creepy Crawly Critters

I checked out a book titled Hands on Nature by Jenepher Lingelbach from the library and have been very pleased with the activities and info in it. Today we used 2 of her activities. First we went on an Insect Scavenger hunt. Our list looked like this: Find an insect on a flower or plant and describe it. Roll over a big stone and name what you see under it. Find a bee...what is it doing? We broke up into 2 teams and at the end examined the insects we captured in our cages. We also cut up an egg carton and made insects...a great way to discuss the main anatomy of a bug! We were not allowed to tell anyone what our insect was until the end. I did not think they'd have as much fun as they actually did.

We played letter bingo, discussed April Fool's Day (it's tomorrow...but Chap already pulled a great prank on me) and read a great folk tale titled The Queen Bee. We did lots of other fun stuff too! Good day.


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