The Magnet Month of March

We are devoting an entire month to magnets over here as compared to the one week described in our curriculum. This is one subject Canaan has really looked forward to all year, so I want to have fun with it and try all of the experiments. The book actually comes with a magnetic kit and other items needed to perform the activities. By the end of the month we will have made our own magnets, compasses and electricity! Today we learned about magnetic force and the poles on a magnet. We made boats move in a dish of water, pushed a car with opposing force and made magnets hover in thin air.


CundiffCrew said…
Oooh! I LOVE magnets too! yay! Sounds like all is going well and you are doing so great with the schooling. That's so admirable Lolly! I have to tell you I LOVE, LOVE, the pic of Canaan an Ruth at the rock wall looking over the mountains!It looks like an ad. What a great pic!

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