Nature Study

One subject that I have not been disciplined with is Nature Study. We are outside alot, but I guess I don't slow down to really observe my surroundings. I have decided to make Wednesdays Science and Nature Study days, since we have other kids that come over...more motivation I guess. This past Wed. we went on a nature walk through the neighborhood and park spotting Japanese Magnolias in bloom and bird nests in the large trees (more visible without the foliage). Then we painted with water colors the blooms from the Japanese Magnolias. I have been reading my nature books so as to give me ideas and even teach me how to teach them. Here are a few good pointers summed up in Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock:

1.) Keep the length of the study between 10-30 minutes.
2.) Don't repeat the study unless the child demands it.
3.) Let each child have his own journal with spelling, language and writing exempt from criticism.
4.) Plan ahead.

Those old days when the balancing of a
yellow butterfly o'er a thistle bloom
Was spiritual food and lodging for the
whole afternoon.


andrea said…
Wonderful post Lauren! A great reminder in those four simple tips.

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