Learning to Read

Being that we have been sharing the van with Chap, we have fallen into a nice routine of staying home ALOT. Our schooling begins early right after chores. I really like getting it out of the way and the kids are so much more alert and cooperative. We are still following our phonics program from Veritas Press which I really love. They do need much more repetition I find...but they'll eventually get it. They are still reading their BOB books and I recently picked up some 1st readers from the library, but they are too hard for them just yet; regardless, they are trying. Ruth needs a little more coaxing. She loves listening to stories more than having to sound out words. She recently finished Shiloh, and now we are listening to The Cricket in Time Square on CD. I am reading The Secret Garden to them right now.


CundiffCrew said…
Lolly, your pic at the top of your blog always gives me chills ! This one is priceless!!! (DId you alter it at all?) Really could win a photo contest and I bet the memory of what they were doing is captured so well!!! Miss you!
Samantha Grace said…
No, I didn't alter the pic. The kids were gathered around a box turtle they had caught while camping.

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