For nature study today we observed male and female wrens bringing insects to their babies. They brought mainly spiders every few minutes. We await anxiously to see them come out of their nest and learn to fly.

We read The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson and drew a picture of it and pasted the cow to a watercolor wash of sky and meadow.

We also played a game where everyone was assigned a season and had to dress according to the weather in that season. Then they had to find the written months that belonged to their season.

The twins read their first reader to their Veritas Press phonics program...Pan and the Mad Man. I love our Living Books curriculum, but they don't begin phonics until 1st grade. So I'm glad that I purchased this to supplement Living Books as they are ready to read. Speaking of which, I purchased the 1st Grade curriculum from Living Books and am very pleased with what I've read so far...we will be quite busy come fall!


j e n n i f e r said…
thanks samantha, for stopping by my space & leaving your thoughts. truly appreciated. glad to find your space here. will visit again.
凱倩 said…
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