Carpe Diem

Have you ever played Blind Man's Bluff? with your kids? Have you ever ran races with them? Tag with them? If not, get out and do it! It's fun, decreases stress, gets your heart pumping and probably helps burn some unwanted calories. We spend so much time cooking, cleaning, driving around,'s so important to just have some FUN with them! Let them see you laugh. Let them see you engaged with them. Not preoccupied with what you have to do next. Canaan complains about chores constantly. One night I explained to him how important it is to do his chores with a happy attitude because it helps me. Not only to keep me sane, but it's less work that I have to do; and then I can play with them more. He seemed to accept that. So now I have to live up to my end of the bargain. And what fun I've been missing! They are a joy to play with, and I don't have much time left before they think foot races are for kids. Before we know it they'll be teenagers, then out the door to adulthood. I want to enjoy every moment and smile and laugh more! These are great days.

Happy Mother's Day!


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