Aside from sleeping in my bedroom, I easily spend the majority of my day in the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning. I think that's 3 meals there. Then add snack time. In addition to breakfast time and clean-up we made banana nut bread today (that was sandwiched in between snack and lunch). Finally my kitchen is clean for the day by 1pm, because I might vote to eat out tonight even though my fridge is stocked with garden vegetables, organic grass-fed meat and cheese and eggs, and even left-overs! I'm just ready to be done with the kitchen today. Do you ever feel like that?

But I generally LOVE my job in the kitchen. I love to cook. I even like cleaning. That brings me to my latest classes! Realistically, I have little time for hobbies, so why not perfect that which I already HAVE to do? iMonelli's offers classes, so I'll try to sign up for them before they fill up. I'm crossing my fingers. It'd also be nice to remodel my kitchen opening it up a bit. Currently, we can only have 2-3 people in that small area at a time with one of them being a little person. But that's down the road. I am grateful for what I have!

Ooops, I forgot to clean up all of the boiled eggs on the kitchen floor.


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