1st Week

We've completed a great first week of homeschooling. The kids behaved well and were engaged, and Mama enjoyed herself as well. In Science we read a book, What's Alive?, and made a chart from magazine cut-outs of things alive and not alive. The kids had fun doing it. In composer study, we are studying J.S. Bach. It's very soothing to have classical music on in the house and car. We checked out C.D.'s and books about him from the library. Our Aesop Fable this week was "Town Mouse & Country Mouse". The kids retold the story by acting it out (they painted whiskers on their faces and Grace was the fat cat chasing them) and drawing it with oil pastels. They are at Katy's today for Math where they're studying the calendar, amongst other things.
Our biggest change this year is having Grace with us at the table. She occupies her time by coloring, but it isn't long before she begins whining for a snack. I need to come up with ideas for her to do.


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