Bring on the Friends

We had a few friends over for school on Wednesday. It was a trial day for me of me ideas and things I need to do before more kids come. We have more kids wanting to come than I have room for unfortunately. Besides space, I'm not sure how many I can actually handle. This day we had 7 kids total and everything went fine, except for Grace crying for 2 hours at nap time because we finally said goodbye to her pacifier. I can't believe I wasn't even tired at the end of the day (praise God)!

So our plans on Wednesdays are to do Art in the a.m. and Science in the p.m. We'll also have table time, reading fluency, read-a-louds, recess and circle time. I am thankful to other Moms that have the shared desire to co-op. It takes a tremendous load off of me and a nice break during the week.


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