Easing Back into It

As I mentioned before we are slowly wading in the shallow end of the pool before we dive deep into homeschooling. We have spent the last 2 weeks on just 1 week of our scheduled curriculum. We're trying to cram the last of "summer" in. We've been swimming, visiting friends, cooking and baking. I want the heat to go, but I don't want summer to end. Canaan spends lots of time in his room with Legos...LOTS OF TIME! They both make occasional, short bike trips up and down the street (it's too hot to stay out for long). We still plan on vacationing somewhere in September.

What we have done for school this week and last is mainly penmanship, math, poetry, art, phonics and Aesop's Fables. We haven't been working on reading as much as we should. In fact, Chap looked at their math workbooks and said they need to be doing more. I think he's taking over math all together. Yeah!


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