It has Begun!

I have to admit, my reluctance to begin homeschooling again has faded and I am once again excited and motivated. And we have begun! Well, a little bit...we still have to enjoy the pool while all of the other kids in town go back to school, right? Our school room has turned back into the "girls" room and I have moved our important resources to the kitchen hutch. While we have continued our phonics program and penmanship randomly throughout the summer, we have added our 1st grade Living Books Curriculum to it this week. Thanks to the author for having us slowly ease into it. Our new subjects this year are Composer Study and American History.

We are also planning to co-op with other families more this year. They will attend "school" on Tuesdays and Thursdays at other homes where they will concentrate on Geography, Nature Study and Math amongst other things. And we will welcome others to visit us on Wednesdays for Art and Science (so far we have 4 friends coming). We began the co-op last year with one family and really liked it.

Ruth begins ballet again next month and Canaan does not want to play T-ball again. "I'd rather fish," he says.


Yvette Burleigh said…
Hi Lauren! This is Yvette from church! I didn't realize you were a blogger. I am as well! Enjoying reading your blog.

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