Just when I thought our lives right now couldn't get any busier, T-ball begins. And we're talking serious T-ball with a serious coach. Like more than once a week practices serious. While I cringe at adding anything else to the schedule, Chap and Canaan are excited and thrilled to have a coach so dedicated and organized and pumped to teach the boys how to really play ball (for the record, the practice during the week is optional). Canaan, on the other hand, can't really hang with our new fall schedule. He's resorted to napping again, not by choice. Actually I send him to read books in bed and he falls asleep (I have to trick him somehow). But I always have to wake him up for violin or T-ball or something. Poor boy. Thank goodness T-ball is only in October!

**For the record, this fast-paced life I'm living with all of these practices is totally against anything and everything that I am. I am a homebody plain and simple, and I like to keep things at a slow pace. So I can predict right now that in a few years we'll all just be home gardening or something.

(Lack of pics due to computer being moved to Chap's new office.)


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