In Warp Speed

That's how I feel we're moving right warp speed. I'll give you the run down on our weekly schedule and then fill you in on what school subjects are daily. Buckle your seat belts! On Monday the kids stay home with me and complete their schooling which is broken up through out the day but usually equals 2 hours minimum and then off to violin lessons in the afternoon. On Tuesday they go to Mrs. Courtney's school and then off to ballet lessons. On Wednesdays our co-op kids come here and then off to church in the evening. On Thursdays they go to Nan Nan's for school. Fridays look like Mondays but hopefully we'll add in the field trips on this day...maybe once/month. (And don't forget Canaan's T-ball to be added in there somewhere.) This might or might not look like a lot, but I really wanted to increase our school time this year and involve them in at least 2 (music and movement) extracurricular activities. So we'll see if they can hang with this schedule. I am sure they can; the question is, can Mama hang?

Our daily school schedule (always changing I might add) consists of Picture Study, Composer Study, Storytelling, Math, Penmanship, Phonics, Poetry and Memorization verses daily. On Tuesdays they complete Geography, Nature Study, some World History, Spelling, & Language Lessons at Mrs. Courtney's. On Wed. we're aiming for Art, Science and American History over here. On Thursdays they focus on Math with Katy. Friday is a light day with the basics. This week has gone smoothly so far!


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