We are back from a wonderful vacation. Our plans landed us back in Toledo Bend this year. It was a very relaxing time spent swimming, fishing, boating, exploring beaches, catching turtles and soaking in the bible (well, that's what I liked best). This was our first trip where we actually caught lots of fish and ate them. Yummy! My husband has found his new passion and is already planning a trip back very soon to use his fishing rod and boat.

I felt like I was in slow motion during that trip and the second we drove up to the house turned into something that looked like watching a movie in fast forward on the VCR. Our days are very full with school, violin lessons, ballet and what not. But I am moving well in this pace and feel good about providing the kids with music and movement lessons and the chance to play with other kids through our co-op.

This week we finished our paper mache mountains, tackled subtraction, began memorizing a new Psalm and finished our first book in American History, Leif the Lucky (a great book). Of course they learned all kinds of other things as well. In Science we are using Christian Liberty Nature Reader where we read 5 or 6 1 page stories about animals and insects. I thought they'd be bored but the facts we read are so interesting and I've given each child a notebook to write the bold glossary terms. At the end they break up into teams and have a quiz on the definitions. They love it! In Art we are currently using The Little Hands Art Book but I want to find something to teach us the basics of drawing and painting rather than always doing crafts.


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